About Us

High Level Analytics

High Level Analytics was founded in 2014 in Edmonton (Alberta, Canada) by Solange Gagnebin and Piyush Jain. Our team of data scientists has an extensive background in research and science, which we leverage to provide our clients with advanced analytics that have a strong scientific foundation. In addition to being alumni of the University of Alberta, our team also has broad international experience in data analysis. Our goal is to offer Alberta businesses the highest level of scientific expertise in analytics. At High Level Analytics, we believe that we can improve our economy, environment, society and quality of life through the use of advanced analytics.

Meet Our Team

Solange Gagnebin, Ph.D.

Solange is an experienced scientific project manager and young entrepreneur. She has led many data-intensive projects in fields ranging from fundamental to medical physics. She is knowledgeable in the area of sensor technology, which is critical to understanding data quality. Solange holds a Ph.D. in Physics from the ETH Zurich in Switzerland.

Aditya Gangadharan, Ph.D.

Aditya is a data scientist with 8 years of experience in statistical modeling, survey design and spatial analysis. He is particularly interested in integrating statistical techniques from diverse fields and applying them to real-world business problems. Aditya holds a Ph.D. in Ecology from the University of Alberta in Canada.