Data Analytics for Decision Makers

We analyze data to help you make better decisions. We do this through our process of Discovery, Analytics, Prediction and Communication.

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What we do

With the right knowledge at the right time, decision-makers can anticipate potential problems and identify new opportunities. We help businesses make such choices through customized data analysis in the many areas, including:
Business Analytics: We help you identify opportunities for business expansion, as well as target your marketing campaigns.
Health Analytics: From analyzing patient data to extracting signals from wearable devices, we help improve individual and public health.
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How we do it

We follow a 4-step process:
Discovery: We help you define or fine-tune your questions by exploring the data and identifying broad patterns.
Analytics: Here, we analyze the data using an appropriate statistical method (e.g., mixed-effects models, neural networks, and other machine learning algorithms).
Prediction: We then validate the above models, so that you can use the best model to predict future outcomes.
Communication: At every stage in this process, we communicate our insights visually and intuitively - no specialist statistical knowledge required!
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Why we are different

Huge amounts of data are amassed everyday, but converting those data into business value requires both robust scientific skills and an intuitive ‘feel’ for data that takes years to develop.
Our data scientists bring in expertise from diverse scientific fields, and apply the best techniques to answer your questions. From regression analysis to machine learning, we have the right tools to answer your questions with your data.
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